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FingerVision's technology is now compatible with an increasing range of robot arms

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

FingerVision Inc. has implemented an interface with robot arms from multiple manufacturers in response to the growing need for robot hands with tactile sensors in various industries and applications. This has created an environment in which feedback control based on tactile data is compatible with robots such as FANUC and Yaskawa.

◆A single interface provides compatibility with several robot arms

As an initial connection method for robot hands with tactile sensors (version alpha), we have implemented Modbus/TCP, which allows connection to robots from multiple manufacturers, such as: ・FANUC CRX ・Yaskawa Electric HC10 ・Universal Robots e-series ・Techman Robot TM Robot Series ・NEURA ROBOTICS

We will be starting development of other interfaces in the near future.

◆Watch the robot hand in action ・Video (FANUC): ・Video (Yaskawa): On July 27, 2023, this interface was exhibited and explained at the "New Product/Service Information Session" hosted by the Japan Robot System Integrators Association, and was well received. We will continue to create an environment for robot system integrators to develop and implement applications that utilize robot hands with tactile sensors. Japan Robot System Integrators Association's link:


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