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[Notice of Participation] 10th Innovation Leaders Summit (10th ILS)

Finger Vision Inc. participated in the 10th Innovation Leaders Summit (abbreviated as "10th ILS"), one of the largest open innovation events in Asia.

Speaker:Yuki Nono, President and Representative Director of FingerVision Inc.​

Group:ILS TOP100 Pitch -AI/Robotics/Sensing-

Date and Time:November 29th 14:30 -15:30

Subject:Picking robot system for multi-product production

◆Pitch video


▼10th Innovation Leaders Summit Event Overview


Duration: November 29th (Tuesday) - December 2nd (Friday)

Venue:Toranomon Hills Mori Tower 5th floor Toranomon Hills Forum

Organizer:Innovation Leaders Summit Executive Committee (SEOU Association/Project Nippon)


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