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now on sale!Limited edition of 100 optical tactile sensors (alpha version)

FingerVision Inc. has begun selling an optical tactile sensor (alpha version).

In addition to purchasing the tactile sensor as a stand-alone product, customers can also choose to rent an evaluation kit including a gripper and an embedded control PC, depending on their needs and applications.

◆Features of the Sensor

It’s a high-functionality (high resolution and multimodality) and durable yet cheap.

So it’s practical.

①High functionality

From the sequence of images captured by the camera, the sensor can obtain not only force distribution data (direction of x, y and z) but also other several modalities including slip distribution, object distance, location, pose, size, shape, texture, weight, foreign substance, etc. The high-resolution camera captures more precise distribution of force and slip than other kinds of tactile sensors. The key driver to enhance the performance is located in the software, which means the user can flexibly update the performance as needed.

          Top: Force distribution, Bottom: Slip distribution

②High durability

The contact surface with the workpiece is made of transparent acrylic resin and silicone rubber, and the electronic board (camera) and external forces are physically isolated, making it highly durable in principle. ​The skin material is made of inexpensive material, so even if the sensor surface is damaged, it is possible to easily and inexpensively replace only the surface that is the attachment/detachment mechanism. Since the information source is a single camera and no complicated wiring is required, it is also easy to maintain after use.

③ Excellent economy

Due to its characteristics of being "based on images (cameras)," the hardware mechanism that makes up the sensor is extremely simple, resulting in low cost and excellent economic efficiency in terms of both initial and running costs.In addition, it can be attached to a commercially available robot arm, so if you select an inexpensive robot arm, you can actually use it at a lower cost (currently, ROS-compatible robots are targeted).

◆Sales lineup

Positioned as an alpha version, you can choose from three types of sales formats ([A] to [C]) as a general-purpose application, rather than a specification specialized for a specific industry or task. Information on "force distribution" and "slip distribution", which are typical tactile modalities for object manipulation, can be obtained.

[A]Tactile sensor unit

Only sensors and image processing software.

[B]Gripper set

In addition to sensors, gripper and embedded PC to attach to robot arm are included in order to manipulate objects. Image processing software and library are installed.

[C] Evaluation kit (gripper set rental)

Monthly rental option to initiate experiment or development easily.

In addition to the gripper set, you can rent a package on a monthly basis that includes technical consultation related to application development (use development), replacement support in the event of a malfunction, and replenishment of consumables. This service is easy to start for users who want to try it out first.

From today, we will start selling a limited number of 100 pieces regardless of the sales format of [A] to [C]. In the future, we will gradually expand sales options in line with the expansion of tactile modality image processing programs, hand shapes, connected robot arms, etc.

◆Application example: Food processing industry

Finegervision Inc. are developing a robot system that incorporates an optical tactile sensor for the food processing industry, which requires the plating of a wide variety of flexible items such as bento boxes and side dishes. By utilizing the slip distribution, gripping can be controlled with minimal force while absorbing individual differences, making it possible to arrange items without damaging them and without causing any mistakes. For example, a robot system that utilizes tactile technology is characterized by its versatility, allowing grip control even when the plated items change depending on the day of the week, such as fried chicken, tempura, cutlets, etc.

◆Contact information

For orders, product specifications, prices, etc., please feel free to contact us by email.

◆Publication media(Japanese Website)

・Monthly Food Factory Manager(October 2022 issue)

・Nikkei Crosstech(2022.09.20)

・Aperza TV(2022.06.28 )

・Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun(2022.06.08)


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