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About  FingerVision Co., Ltd.

Management team


Chief Executive Officer and President

​濃野 友紀 Yuki Nono

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Founded FingerVision Inc., after working for a lot of projects (including those of transformation, global go-to-market strategy, M&A, organization, etc.) around industry goods, technology and digital sectors at Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
His father was a professor, which enhanced his passion and interest in cutting-edge technologies in the early childhood. He has strong aspiration that deep technologies which are based on R&D at Universities are democratized for everyone.


Has also experiences in digital system development at NTT DATA, and marketing, building a business concept at DENTSU CONSULTING.


Receives a master’s degree from School of Engineering / Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University.

Ex-certified public accountant (passed in 2011)


Chief Executive Researcher and Director

山口 明彦 Akihiko Yamaguchi

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PhD (Engineering). He is also an assistant professor at Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University.


Development of robot and AI technologies practical in the real world is one of his lifeworks and he has profound knowledge and technologies across the robotics field; he has a proven track record related to machine learning, reinforcement learning, image processing, deep learning, motion planning, robot control, tactile sensing and tactile manipulation, and is capable of the whole process of implementation of a practical robot system from building a theory.


Received the BE degree from Undergraduate School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Kyoto University.

Received the ME and PhD degrees from Graduate School of Information Science, NARA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (NAIST).


Started developing the vision-based tactile sensor FingerVision when he is a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University.


Chief Development Officer

​山浦 博志 Hiroshi Yamaura

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After founding and managing the VR haptic device and open-source bionic hand development startup exiii Inc., he joined FingerVision Inc.


At exiii, he served as CTO and CEO, leading the planning, product development, mass production, and commercialization from 0 to 1 phase. He has extensive experience in startups.


Previously, he worked at Panasonic Corporation and Telexistence Inc., specializing in mechanical design, with a particular strength in end effector development.


Received a master’s degree from the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo. 


Chief Revenue Officer

​角谷 雄一 Yuichi Sumiya

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After graduating from university, he joined Keyence Corporation. Starting with a top position in the rookie rankings, he was recognized in various rankings and excelled as a top salesperson. In addition to sales, he gained extensive experience in business roles at a leading FA (Factory Automation) manufacturer, including marketing and sales management. During his tenure as a Sales General Manager, he utilized his unparalleled industry knowledge to establish unprecedented sales and knowledge-sharing systems. Recognizing the future potential of "haptics" as a critical issue in automation, he joined FingerVision as CMO in October 2023. He is currently serving as the CRO.

Received a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Law at Ritsumeikan University.


Our values and code of conduct as a team.

Passion and excitement over technological changes and challenges

We delight in the entire journey of finding a solution for hitherto unknown and challenging technological issues.
This is the identity of FingerVision.


Our confidence and pride derive from the fact that we are a passionate group who delve deeply into technical issues and explore the full range of possibilities from all angles until we find the optimal way to generate a new value. We are always trailblazers.

Impact on society through collaboration and orchestration

Bringing innovation in society requires a vision shared not only in-house but also by other business partners, clients and government organizations.


With such like-minded people, we fully intend to generate new values and sustainable win-win business partnerships in which all parties involved benefit.

Forceful innovation

Our business is not simply envisioning or voicing ideas; the real significance of our existence is to implement them into practice and bring about results. We are determined and tenacious in following our business and development activities to the end despite any challenges we meet along the way.


We focus on what is important and where it is required, and to this end, we do not insist on sticking to only our own technology, but rather combining it with other technology when necessary.

Leading with integrity, be authentic

Our strength comes from the culture where each member thinks, considers and takes actions autonomously. The root of this culture is authenticity.


What we do must be something to be proud of and pleasurable to share with somebody we love; we do such a job.

Company Profile

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FingerVision Inc.


Yuki Nono

Capital fund:

100 million yen

Business focus:

  • [1] Component business (tactile sensors, robot hands, etc.)

  • [2] Application business (robot system integration, etc.)

Head Office: 1F Mitsui Woody Building, 2-4-14 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0016

R&D location: Right One Building 1F, 73-1 Suzaku Hozo-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto 600-8846


R&D Laboratory
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