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Introducing multiple robots with tactile sensors to the lunch box serving process at food factories

Updated: Mar 27

FingerVision Inc. has introduced robots equipped with tactile sensors to the factories of Hirai Co., Ltd. and Home Delica Co., Ltd. to assemble bento box ingredients. Equipped with FingerVision’s tactile hand to handle ingredients that are difficult to deal with using robots due to their wide variety, amorphous shape, and fragility, Yaskawa Electric's industrial robots were selected in order to improve takt time. This combination of tactile hand and industrial robot results in a significant improvement in speed and reliability, and overall efficiency. 

Features of a robot with a tactile sensor that can handle a wide variety of products:

①Lunch box-filling robot

Features of bento boxes

・Many ingredients are fragile and require delicate handling (e.g. shumai, ganmo, etc.)

・There are many types of bento ingredients (from 10 to 100 types)

Characteristics of the plating process

・There are many setup changes, and the ingredients used change rapidly depending on the production time.

・Lunch tray positions and conveyor speeds vary.

・Ingredients must be placed exactly in the designated position on the lunch box plate (e.g. in the side dish cup)

・Robots working on a collaborative line with people means that there are restrictions on the space where the robot can be installed.

FingerVision solution

・Tactile sensor: Reproduces the slipping sensation when ingredients are picked up; universally compatible with a wide variety of ingredients

・Detachable hand: Can be removed and replaced with one touch; easy to clean

・6-axis vertically articulated robot (industrial robot): achieves speed and stability

・Image processing SW: Compatible with bulk ingredients; automatically recognizes the exact tray position on conveyor.







・1人が複数のタスクを担っている  (巻きずしの搬送 → カット → 取り分け → 盛り付け)











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