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4/10-4/12 We will exhibit at the 21st Dessert, Sweets & Bakery Festival

Updated: Apr 26

FingerVision Inc. will exhibit at the 21st Dessert, Sweets & Bakery Festival.

Why don't you use our tactile sensors to "automate" what you have given up until now?

We will display a robot (MotoMINI) + tactile sensor that enables the transport, loading, and unloading of soft items such as cakes and muffins, and a newly developed hardness sensor that can evaluate the hardness/softness, tactility, and texture of food.

Soft objects such as cakes and muffins are usually difficult workpieces to handle with robots.

Our robot hand with a built-in tactile sensor has a sense of touch just like humans, so it can transport even soft objects without crushing them.

The robot arm used in this exhibit is a small one, but it can be configured with various robot arms depending on the workpiece and tact.

In addition, unlike conventional creep meters, the newly developed tactile sensor can evaluate hardness on a surface and acquire various information such as shape change. This sensor contributes to the automation of sensory inspections involving tactile sensations, which are performed by craftsmen.

If you have any problems with automation, please contact us!


■ The 21st Dessert, Sweets & Bakery Festival

◎Dates:10th April Wed, 2024 〜 12th, Fri 10:00 〜17:00 

◎Place:Tokyo Big site, East hole 6, FE-57

◎We will display:

 ・Visuo-tactile sensor (MotoMINI):Automated picking and place of soft objects such as cake or muffin

 ・Hardness sensor:Newly developed sensor which can evaluate hardness/softness of foods

◎Hosted by :THE JAPAN FOOD JOURNAL Co.,Ltd. 

             The All Japan Confectionery Association


■Reference video


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