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Selected for NEDO's R&D-based start-up support project

FingerVision Inc. was selected for NEDO's "R&D-based start-up support project/NEDO Entrepreneurs Program".

With the support of NEDO, we are accelerating the development of robotic system solutions that can be used in pick and place processes in the food processing area.These R&D results were exhibited at FOOMA JAPAN 2022 .

◆Adopted R&D start-up support projects

FingerVision Inc. have applied to the NEDO Entrepreneurs Program (NEP) for the second phase of the program in 2021.Fingervision Inc. was selected from among 100 proposals after a review by external experts and within NEDO.

FingerVision Inc. will accelerate R&D with a variety of support.

Start of BusinessApril 1,2022

Amount of subsidy:3,000,000JPY YEN

Subsidized ProjectsProcess Automation in Food Factories with Robots Equipped with Visual and Tactile Sensors

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